Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Monday, March 31, 2014

Just wanted to share the link to my book that is filled with interesting, helpful and heartfelt advice about Life Before During and Beyond Cancer

Friday, March 28, 2014

Hello and greetings and apologies for not getting around ot checking my Google accounts lately :) I have as always and as usual been staying very  busy... It is hard to believe 2 years have flown by since Congress's shenanigans with the farm bill and limits to sales outside certain radius's made me decide the Herbal Tea business, (even though I do of course continue to grow here for friends and personal use), was just too much work for me outside and too iffy and stressful and worrisome as far as from a legal aspect and confusing tax matters to continue.

I am glad to see so many have enjoyed the information and I wanted to take a moment in response to numerous inquiries... yes anyone who would like to make use of or share the blog entries with proper credit back that is fine with me ... it is after all more about sharing knowledge with each other.

I wish I had saved the yola site info :( It was so well organized and had so many nice pictures ;) Alas I guess I waited too long, or Yola is no more? Either way links to site have gone dead so this blog is all that is left of the herb information compiled over the years.

As far as myself I am still here and still kicking ...  I have published my first book available on Amazon

I have also published a couple of children's books   as well as begun a #Teachers Resource #Classroom & #Clubs #Children's #GroupActivity book series as well.

Currently I am working hard on a 5 book Classrooms and Clubs #Teacher Resource set about #EmergencyPreparedness for Pre K - 3rd Grade due out at the end of May.

I will try to get back here occasionally and you are of course all welcome to find me at one of the many facebook pages / groups I manage or am a member of, and I am on these regularly (lol Daily pretty much) .

My Personal "Baby"

And of course I still stay busy volunteering with my Kids at the center in our Tortoise Pack too

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Greetings From the Paaatriot

Hello all, I have not been doing much with this blog ever since questionable parts of the farm bill made it "Illegal" to sell my tea more than 275 miles from home...pretty much defeated whole purpose of having the website and blog. There have been a few questions posted that I did receive notice in my email account (LOL not using the google mail much either can you tell), so I do apologize for not responding sooner.

In regards to picking leaves...while June is the best time, before the fruit begins to ripen, the leaves do retain good qualities, it is just that the good stuff is at it's highest concentration before the tree starts putting all of it's energy into ripening the fruits.

In regards to varieties of Persimmon is my understanding that ALL are good, I myself have American Persimmons,if I understand correctly some of the Asian varieties are even more potent:) So perhaps harvestable longer periods as well?

I have a number of groups and pages that I maintain so Again I do apologize for taking so long to respond, I have left the blog up because I did invest quite a lot of time and the information is still good.

Peace All and feel free to visit me at any of my Facebook pages or groups

I do hope that the information you found here was at least a little helpfulor inspiring:)

Thursday, December 29, 2011


I have not been blogging much here lately, and I wanted to take this opportunity to wish everyone a Safe and Healthy and Happy 2012 <3

For new comers and others who may have missed the post, even though I love doing this and believe in my natural tended with love herbal teas, I have removed all paypal links for selling my high quality all natural herbal tea products because of the passage of new government regulations that prohibit (among other restrictive things) selling beyond a 275 mile radius. That of course defeats the purpose of working to promote or even trying. Laws and regs too confusing and restrictive, penalties too high if you do something you didn't know was wrong, etc.... It is a shame because I really felt what I was doing was a good thing and would have loved the opportunity to "make a living" from home which is important to me as a cancer survivor. I soooo want to be "productive" . Unfortunately if you think the job market is unfriendly try being someone like me. Yes I would love the job but I have to tell you I have many doctors appts per year, I suffer headaches and have no saliva and tire easily, and my neck hurts , etc..... lol.  Sigh.

Anyway, most of my efforts as far as almost blogging are on my facebook pages I maintain!/pages/What-is-Occupy-Wall-Street/194578233949021      

I do still try to come in occasionally to check for messages and as the weather warms I will resume posting herbal and gardening and religious entries for 2012.

Peace Love and prosperity and Perseverance to all in 2012 from Debbie Paulsen

Monday, December 5, 2011

Been Away a While but back with a BANG

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A Moment of Giving In To Depressing Developments

I do try very hard to keep my writing on an upbeat, positive note. Not just for myself, but for other cancer survivors dealing with the many changes and obstacles that arise when you Live Life after cancer. For some I am sure these changes, that affect your stamina, mental outlook, as well as physical capabilities can be much more difficult than what I am feeling, and for others these impacts maybe less pronounced. I guess if I was not such an active, outdoorsy sort of person I would not feel so frustrated with what I am going through now. I was doing pretty good until I had my shoulder operation, or at least I thought so anyway. I guess I would recommend that anyone post cancer seriously consider the risks of surgery just being too much to recuperate from.  Surgery was back in December, and here it is May, and I just cannot seem to bounce back. It is no help whatsoever improving my attitude that the surgery to"fix" my shoulder that had hurt for so long, since before my cancer diagnosis, has actually made it far worse.

For me it is a major upset in my life that for the first time ever, for all of my 50 years long I have lived, I have not put in a garden. Even more depressing is that the first week of May is almost over, and I do not see my garden happening.

I just can't do it:( 

Oh okay enough being a crybaby... time to put on my big girl panties I guess, and just continue to do what I can, that is the best I can do.