Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Little Gifts From Above

Well Let me tell you, right now it is thundering so violently that my computer monitor is shaking and wobbling from the repercussion of the rumbles. It is almost one in the afternoon, but even with the shades drawn the flashes are like superimposing images on my eyeballs like a camera flash lol. Crazy, awesome, scary, powerful, wonderful, nature in motion, I Love It:)

Respect it would be a better way to describe what I feel. My biological Mom was actually struck and killed by lightening. It says in my baby book, which has no entries after that, June 15th (I was 8 months old) that she was "Killed hanging up my last diaper". We used clothe ones back then, giving away my age, but that's okay. I kinda like getting old.

Besides, I like the person I am growing up into, better than the person I was in my youth, even with all my aches and pains. lol.

Ruh Roh Reorge, satellite is out, the storm must be upon us at the moment. It is POURING. I bet the horsies are glad I brought them in now, lol, they looked at me like I was a little crazy when I went down around 11:00 and brought them in. They don't mind anyway as long as its not too hot, they like coming in, they know its always good for at least a couple goody bisquits before I head up to the house.

So anyway, I am rambling again, guess what happened yesterday?

I was just thinking the other day as I was mixing up a batch of floral bouquet herbal tea mix, thats dried rose petals, honeysuckle, and clover blossoms, how I wish I had more honeysuckle. That made me think of how heavenly it smells in the drying room from May to June, when I normally harvest them, and have multiple trays drying at a time. I was also thinking during this same time frame, and had even posted about it, how it is the smallest things that can bring the greatest joy.

These small gifts are treasures from above, and they really are truly a blessing. I mean sometimes we get in a slump, a funk or whatever you want to call it, and these little gifts can lift us up, or over, or give us strength to push through.

Its not that you're always clinically depressed, like doctors and pharmaceutical corporations that make money by making you think ... take a pill and fix everything... want you to think, it's just that sometimes stuff happens in our lives and we need to gather up our strength,  prepare to hunker down to get through these moments in time.

Sometimes we need a little help at the right moments to not let these issues in our lives, whether it be health, finances, love, or all of the above, drag us down. Down to a point where we forget to treasure the small pleasures of the moment .

In a post the other day I mentioned how it is sometimes the smallest things that can bring the greatest joys, make you laugh, feel warm and fuzzy inside, or perk your interest. Like newborn babies, a smile, seeing a good friend or family member after a long time apart, a dew covered spider web dazzling like diamonds in a ray of morning sunshine, watching animals and insects interact with each other in their natural environments, gazing at the sky day or night. These little things, and so many others.
These little treasures from above help us in some of the most amazing and unique ways, if only we do not stop taking the time to notice and appreciate them for what they are. Take the time to stop and smell those flowers. If you don't your the one who will miss out.
Laughter, love, joy and inquisitiveness create good feelings, don't you think?
It's like getting a hug when you needed one most, your first cup of coffee in the morning, a fresh clean downpour after a long hot spell, priceless.

haha I digress again, so what happened yesterday already! Lol.
I have a few honeysuckle that began to run along the horse fencing, that runs near one of my mint beds, near the greenhouse. I transplanted six of them just to the outside of the fence about 4 years ago, and they have taken off pretty nicely. Right now they cover about a ten foot stretch of the fence. So honeysuckle blooms early May through June down here, and I have never heard of a second bloom for honeysuckle, but guess what? This run of honeysuckle is going into full bloom again.
When I looked up from the greenhouse I saw this big blob of white in the bush, and then another, and started walking over, thinking what in the world was it? Then I realized oh wow, they're flowers.
Of course I got a tray and started gathering. Got a few more this morning before it rained too. It is sooooooooo nice. For two days now I have been walking in and out and in and out of the room, just to breathe in the aroma. Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, it is just such a pleasant scent. lol aroma therapy at its best:)
Okay, gotta get off of here and try to accomplish a few things, peace out all.

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