Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Thursday, February 10, 2011


As many have now heard Mubarak has refused to step down. Eyes from around the world watch, as a  Berlin Moment is dramatically and rapidly unfolding.
You can follow events live here on english Al Jazeera.
There are now large numbers of people peeling off from main square, some have gathered at the parliament building, but many more are heading for the presidential palace. It's about 5 miles away, and the message and the ranks are growing by the second, hundreds and hundreds, with more joining along the way.
Say a prayer for them, the seekers and representitives of justice,  in their march for freedom, and democracy, because if MSM is right if, if  they continue the march to the palace doors they are saying death awaits unless a miracle happens.
I hope the ARMY stays with the people.
The ARMY is the people.
The People and the Military Are One

Big Update is of course that Mubarak has stepped down HURRAY!!!!!! for Egypt's People.
What many may not realize is that IMHO it was the Militaries decision to back the people that sent him on his way. Before the announcement, that there would BE an announcement we saw a few things going on.

We heard reports of mass gatherings in Alexandria> With the military handing out food and water to the people.

We saw a senior military official moving through crowd to the door of the state run TV station.

Shortly afterwhich the News agency came out asking forgiveness from the people saying they were decieved.

It was AFTER these events that the announcement that there would be an announcement came out, followed by a one sentence resignation.

Very Happy for the people of Egypt

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