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Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Health Benefits of Persimmon Leaves in Herbal Tea

Persimmon Tree Leaves Beneficial in Tea
I am always surprised and so thankful for the way our Higher Power works around us. I mean seriously, seek and ye shall find is a literal suggestion. Just look at how many beneficial natural remedies and preventative herbal medicines are all around us. I just love going out picking and then coming back in to experiment with different flavors, especially flowers.

The persimmon tree leaves have received a lot of scientific attention lately. The persimmon leaf is noted for its use in China, Japan and Korea, for centuries and centuries, thousands of years, to brew a body beneficial tea.
According to multiple sources the Chinese Academy of the Sciences found that this particular tea contains a large variety of Vitamin C, tannins, flavonoids, rutin, choline carotenoids, amino acids. In addition, the tea were found to contain 10 elements: Magnesium (Mg), Manganese (Mn), titanium (Ti), calcium (Ca), phosphorous (P), and more. These elements are found to aid to healthy bodily functions. Compared to other teas, persimmon leaf tea contains a higher level of health and nutritional benefits. Analysis has shown persimmon leaf tea contains up to 10 times the amount of Vitamin C, tannins, flavonoids, rutin, choline and essential amino acid(Study conducted 1980. CAS). A Korean Study concluded that persimmon tea contains 3.5~20.8 times more vitamin C than green tea!

The ripe fruits are really good and super sweet too, but I was interested in the leaves. You see my 2 camellia's (which were here when we bought the property over a decade ago) are the wrong kind for tea leaves. How can an herbal infusion be considered a tea as well without "tea" leaves:)

Well guess what? Last year we purchased the 2 wooded acres that join our property on one side, it was just before the cancer diagnosis, after which I got really sick. As I have mentioned I am currently recovering from radiation and chemo treatments (PET SCAN CLEAN!), and I am getting out and about more. Today we decided to walk the woods and see what the Lord may have naturally blessed us with there ( I plan to get some ginseng going this fall). Well, lo and behold we have not the 1 right on the border (which I have picked from in previous years), not 2, but 3 very nice, and blooming right now, PERSIMMON TREES! Can You Believe It? This is so absolutely GREAT!

Persimmon definitely adds a kick to the cup. It is not a tea to sit and gulp down in a rush, but something you sip delicately, and savor. Adding Persimmon leaves to my brew actually gives coffee a run for its money. Sans Caffeine and plus all the benefits.


  1. Is there any special time for picking persimmon leaves? Can you pick them anytime of the year? Have you ever seen a persimmon tree as an espalier?? suzie

  2. Hi Suzie, Yes the time ti pick is midway through June, for about two weeks. The fruits are very astringent, and you want to pick the leaves after the fruits have set, and before they begin to use the trees energy in the ripening process. This is when they are at the most potent:)

  3. LOL and Suzie P.S
    I forgot to answer your question about training persimmon trees as an espalier. In answer to that I have no expertise, lol I like to let things grow their natural course. I will assume that it could be accomplished, but training any fruit tree to climb against a wall or trellis I think, would send a message of a sense of crowding to the tree perhaps, and maybe slow growth? Also if there is a rubbing factor possible opportunity for injury and disease for the plant. I understand this is popular especially for people with limited space though, so I think it could probably be done, maybe just slower growth. Also I forgot to mention, I only pick the leaves for tea from my female trees. Hope that helps:)
    Debbie P

  4. Yes persimmon trees can be espaliered. I haven't done it myself but saw some wonderful specimens -bearing fruit- in a plant nursery (in Adelaide Australia ). The tree was in a pot, had 2 bamboo stakes splaying out from the pot- almost v-shaped- (behind the trunk) and 3 or 4 bamboo rods were fixed to that horizontally at intervals of about 30cm. The branches trained along the horizontal rods. Looked very healthy . Price $449!

  5. Hi Debby,

    I have a small tea co. (I won't mention the name) for my own health reasons. I am trying to locate a source of loose Persimmon Leaves, to add into a blend. I saw your web site and was disappointed that your not selling tea anymore. If you can help me find a source I would greatly appreciate it.

    I hope you are doing well and will put you in our prayers.

    My e-mail is

    Thank you,

  6. Kerry so sorry did not see this until now:) I will send an email later today. The ONLY reason I removed all sales links is because of the new regulations imposed by the govt food safety laws that limit sales to within 125 miles...kind of defeated the purpose of selling online. It is a shame because I still feel I was providing VERY high quality herbs for those interested< no frills no additives< tended with love. Sigh. But yes VERY interested in speaking with you about this sort of arrangement. As you may have see by previous posts the harvest season is a two week window in June. OTHER companies may harvest anytime, but the prime for the leaves is after fruit sets, and before it ripens:) TTYS
    Debbie P.

  7. Dear Debbie "what GOV law are you referring to? They can't do legal precedent when they permit well over 60% of our frozen foods and teas to be imported from china - thats a "tad" over 125 miles away. GERBERS...and they (china) certainly aren't our friendly neighborhood grocer looking out for our good health. Gotta love those government clonies. They must go through some kind of electromagnetic purification process before taking their seats on the HILL to zap all common sense their mothers taught them, to make plenty of spare room to grow larger ego's. Anyway, I loved your posts and wish you the VERY BEST OF HEALTH and luck........stay away from "processed food" to stay healthy......RINSE/scrub the poison wax coatings on fresh foods.......or better yet......grow your own HERITAGE veggies and fruits without chemical pestisides. DOWN WITH MONSANTO, the great satan who monkeys with genetical alterations of the natural FOOD that GOD GIFTED US! MONSANTO and GOV Supporters are powerful because they "CAN". They will continue to threaten our "natural food security" for as long as "we the people turn the other eye to the deaf ear we wear on one side of our head." Most all of us, in some way (even without knowing) indirectly support MONSANTO's unnatural food projects. JUST ASK THE HONEY BEES what their sacrifices have been.....if you can find many still remaining alive. Already in one Asian country, peasants must pollinate their own pear trees, manually - because all the bees are gone. So much we take for granted, and like children trusting their parents, we never quite grow up - which is indicated by how adults blindly trust our "leaders" in public office to do what is best for "Us" as parents would. There will come a time when "admitting" that we make our own "teas" from perssimon trees grown on our own private properties (which I partake in eagerly) will become a crime. For those of you who don't know this, MONSANTO has pushed a BILL which would prohibit planting HERITAGE SEEDS because Monsanto is trying to convince GOV that they "contaminate" their own seed pool. When did Monsanto take the seat at the right hand? DETHRONE't buy their stock or seeds or roundup or other products.

    1. We are working hard to dethrone them:) lol but at this time being as how this law has bounced back and forth and you know us little folks who are not Corporations...we have to be very careful about laws:)

  8. I am renting a house with a persimmon tree. How will I know if it's a male or female.

  9. I am renting a house with persimmon tree. How will I know if it's a male or female tree.

  10. YC sorry missed your comment:) The females will get small yellow blossoms and eventually bear fruit:)

  11. Hi I have had an Asian persimmon tree in my backyard since before I was born (34yrs) and I love the fruit I just recently found out the leaves can be used for tea. I read that you say the best time is in June for potency...well I missed June and now we are in late August can I still experiment and make tea now...will it still have sum potency?

  12. Which type of persimmon tree has health benefits? I have a Fuyu persimmon tree in my backyard; can I use those leaves as tea?

  13. What variety of persimmon tree has health benefits? I have a Fuyu persimmon tree in my backyard, can I use those leaves for tea?

  14. Please email me if you can at I need Persimmon male polinator for american early golden Persimmon tree. Maybe you know someone that has a male tree that I can get a cutting from. Thanks. Taisa

  15. Lots to choose one. Thanks for the wonderful info.

  16. We are picking and processing persimmon leaf now @ I got intrested in working with the plant, because of allergies. It was awful, could not leave the house in the summer, etc, The tea was helpful, but the fenugreek provided a long term cure.
    We have had such a great response in offering the tea, that we always run out and the harvest is going on now.
    Penny Frazier
    Goods From The Woods

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