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Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Monday, March 14, 2011

Japan Nuclear Reactor Situation: The Real Danger> Where is the Waste Storage located

As we are all now aware a second blast has occurred at another nuclear reactor. While the reverberations that were felt 30 miles away have barely had time to subside we are already being alerted to the threat of yet a third explosion, from another of the many nuclear reactors located in this earthquake torn, tsunami ravaged, volcano threatened nation. As reported earlier there are over 50 nuclear facilities in Japan, and each of these plants have multiple nuclear reactors.

We are being informed that each of these explosions as they occur do not increase risks of radiation exposure, or have not released excessive amounts of radiation, because the containment vessels are reported to be intact. While the integrity of the containment vessels are of great importance, there is one less secured hazard that we should be asking about... Where are the spent fuel rods and waste pools located?

As we can read here, and at multiple sources regarding nuclear waste product "The spent fuel rods from a nuclear reactor are the most radioactive of all nuclear wastes. When all the radiation given off by nuclear waste is tallied, the fuel rods give off 99%".    

This article goes on to state that "Most nuclear power plants have a temporary storage pool next to the reactor" .  I did here one report 2 days ago about "storage pools on the rooftop" of the building that exploded, but was later unable to verify with source. Appearantly these spent rods are supposed to cool in the pools of boric acid for like 6 months, but this article states  "The spent fuel rods are supposed to stay in the pool for only about 6 months, but, because there is no permanent storage site, they often stay there for years".
So question is does it really matter if the reactor  vessels are secure? Where is waste storage located? Have these containers and pools been blown to kingdom come? With each explosion how much is the most toxic product from nuclear power production, the radioactive waste?

I again post this link to radiation monitering stations in the United States and recommend everyone use their own best judgement on how dangerous or real the threat of radiation reaching the U.S. May be.
Good Luck and God Bless all of us around the globe

This is a link to a book titled Radioactive Waste: Hidden Dangers.

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