Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

Bug in My Ear Update

Okay well that was an interesting trip to the doctors office.... First looked in they were like are you sure a bug went in? Said couldn't see anything, looked nice and clean. Yep I'm sure... After a couple of flushes with the big syringe she was like oh wait I see something... pulls out these long white I don't know what to call it... and she didn't either .. she said "what in the world?" looks in again and says "I'll be back", goes to get the doctor... shows doctor catch basin of water with what she pulled out, doctor says what is it ? Other one says, Don't know, they look in again with the scope thing, she says now she sees some blood and not sure what else, reaches in with instrument and I felt something like come out of the depths of my ear/throat , and the doc says "What the heck is this?" I was like okay now your making me nervous.... and laughed... Why do I always confuse the doctor that I go to for answers? More flush ... and they threw away the water basin each time, I wanted a sample... they didn't even save a piece of what they didn't know what it was? One nurse said she thought one big piece of something looked like a big bug antenna... the doctor wanted to know if I ever had tubes in my ear because she thought it was some kind of threads or tissue matter ... no idea , anyway as far as my ear she said so inflamed at that point I had to pick up a prescription for drops and will be going  back on the 3rd and now my head is feeling like an over ripe watermelon.... no seriously it just feels so weird and when I tap my head I feel like it has a watermelon thump... an echo or something like I got water on my super brain :0 and my balance is wacked... gee can't wait till that goes away... along with the darn headache. Guess I can't complain too much I had the headache before the bug flew in anyway Other than my ear couldn't get any blood work done today, have to go back for that. I used to always have low blood pressure but apparently now I have really high and regular blood pressure and seemed more of a big deal than my bug in my ear. They checked it a couple times while I was there and it just seems to just shoot up randomly to 160/110 along with a heart rate that jumped to 98 beats just sitting there lol and I mada an alarm on the thing go off... doc was like what meds are you on for the high blood pressure? Lol No meds haven't taken any meds in over a year now. so yeah we'll have to work on a few other issues when I go back.... but at least I finally entered a doctor's office again Hopefully doesn't become a habit for 2014... sure would like to know what all the stuff they pulled out was though and why my head feels so weird now, besides the headache... we shall have to wait and see . Meantime at least I can hope we got the bug out although they never really found an actual bug... which was weird to me... but I am always weird anyway so nothing new. Peace all <3 br="">

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