Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Thursday, May 22, 2014

That Ol'e Higher Power Really Does Work In Mysterious Ways

Have you ever heard that saying the #Lord , God, that #HigherPower works in Mysterious ways? Okay well I know I am probably not the best example to Future #survivors You guys just kind of have to look at me like a Mom lol "Do as I say Not as I do ".

Anyway yes I have been procrastinating about seeing a doctor ... might shock some to know but I have not stepped into a doctors office in well over a year now, and then it was because i had a bad cold that almost went to pneumonia and I got a round of antibiotics and steroids, and was supposed to make an appointment because I knew then I needed to get some blood work done.... well 1 week at a time procrastinating and here I am about 60 weeks or so later.... and still have not gone. The past year it is hard to admit out loud (Or type) but quality of life has somewhat declined, but mainly because of my own stubbornness. Everyone wants you to take pills or schedule tests that load you with chemicals etc.... I just didn't want to put anything into my body anymore... I haven't taken anything at all for a year now, I even stopped taking the levothyroxine for my thyroid completely at this point... early last year I was getting unable to sleep, losing weight, appetite loss... the usual symptoms and I cut the dosage in half and for a few months that was better I slept and ate again.... then it came back so I dropped it completely, that was like last October or so, and again seemed to help.... but yeah I need to get that checked out because I can't cut the dose any more ...
Doctors had said #thyroid was wiped out by #radiation treatments cause in the line of fire but could possibly regrow ... So who knows maybe I'm hyperactive now? I get occasional pancreatitis attacks and pass the random small kidney stones here and there... (I think usually as a result of trying to use over the counter pain relievers... I know its a no no but pain in one body part or another which tends to decide how the day is going that day seems to have designated himself my best buddy.

SO Any way lol #ChemoBrain I digress

So I was saying He works in mysterious ways because Yeah been #procrastinating and Know I have to see a doctor (Yuck I hate going to doctors I don't have time for that (or energy I am too busy trying to do STUFF that I need to do on a daily basis) and now in the course of doing stuff....

I was in the barn getting the horses their grain and son of a bitch something flew into my ear... and I do not mean just flew into (or maybe dropped from ceiling no idea didn't get to see it) I mean this sucker proceeded to intentionally immediately drill deeper into my ear... DO YOU KNOW HOW LOUD A BUG CRAWLING UP AGAINST YOUR EARDRUM IS? Man!!!! I mean this sucker went to town. Of course tried to get it with finger, piece of hay stalk, water from hose, etc..... nope sucker just kept burrowing.... and I am like #WTF How deep can the damn thing go? Finish with animals and by this time cannot stand the vibration in my ear and it's messing with my balance .... Up to the house..... ALCOHOL.... hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm okay well it is quiet now.... but cannot flush out and as if it is not bad enough my poor ears always ring anyway, and I can't hear well now my right ear is like muffled and irritated from alcohol and q tip digging and common sense dictates I am doing nothing but pushing it in deeper... 

Now after much swearing and fussing and stomping about in the course of all this.... I mean really I had things to get done.... I ended up doing the only thing we #CancerSurvivors can do some times.... I ended up #laughing, cracking up and looking on the #BrightSide.... Hey so you got a bug in your ear and you can't clean and go transplant the mints you were going to move today..... BUT at least I am calling the doctor... lol been so long probably not there anymore ahahaha... Who would have thunk with all the issues of the past year that I have just got through on my own a #BugInMyEar would be what makes me FINALLY go ? Well I guess since I "Have" to go in I will get some of that blood work done at least that I have put off so long .

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