Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Getting Lost in the Herbal Tea and Cancer searches

Wow I never knew it was so complicated to create a web site, which you need first before you can create a storefront. All this confusing stuff about Html codes and dreamweaver or frontpage software and blah blah blah. I feel like my ideals, opinions and intentions are going to get lost in translation before I am actually selling anything. Of course the economic situation is not helping much either. For me it would be like a dream come true to be able work for myself, with the earth and my hands and actually earn a living to pay those darn pesky bills that my husband and I are constantly worrying over. I have even considered going back into painting again.

It has been a long past year battling cancer and we have just about depleted every saved penny, and I am still not ready to return to full time work. With the blessing of my Higher Power I survived cancer, but I fought for it, and my body is still healing and recovering. I used to be 5'3 125 lbs of solid muscle, now I am 5 2 1/2 and 97 lbs. I miss my muscles:(

I am just a simple country girl, raised on a Dairy Farm in New Milford Ct after being adopted by two of the greatest people in the world, God Bless em'. My four brothers and I roamed all over those 100's of acres, we helped "up the barn" and we helped Ma tend the gardens each year as well.

You didn't run to the store at the drop of a hat nowadays. Back then a trip to the store to go shopping was an event that occurred once every two weeks. We went shopping outside all the time. That garden was just a starting point to find good eats. Instead of candy bars in our fists we were more likely to be walking around crunching cucumbers. Seasons for various nuts and berries came and went, and kept us well supplied. There was never any telling what might get cooked up, or made into a sun tea brew. Living close to the land is more than a lifestyle choice, it's in your blood, it's a way of life that for me is as natural as breathing my next breath.

Plants, animals, the weather,spiritual moments, family... these are the things I like to think about, and occupy my time with, not figuring out computer stuff.

Well okay I'm glad I at least got to vent anyway, even though no one reads any of this it still feels good. Hopefully, maybe someday if I manage to figure out how to market my tea, and we are doing better financially this blog will help people understand where I came from. Yes, yes I do need to earn an income, but for me this is about a lot more than just making money, it's about more than making a cup of tea with good stuff in it...

It's about helping others develop a desire to experience the wonders of mother nature, the cycle of life, getting outdoors, demanding accountability from giant corporations like the one that starts with M, who shall remain nameless because they like to sue everybody. It's about right and wrong and good and bad, preserving ideals and ideas from past generations, and worrying about what we will leave to our future generations.

I'm not a scammer or a planner, I'm not greedy trying to rake in a million, I am just one of many Americans being true to my roots.

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