Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Saturday, May 1, 2010

Natural Loose Tea It Will Be

Okay, so cancer has slowed me a bit, the economy and jobs market is really tough right now (Especially for an aging babyboomer, borderline hippy recovering from cancer like me), so how can I make a substantial living?
I have my little farm, (emphasis on little), I have a creative head on my libran shoulders, and a deep abiding love and respect for nature, there must be some niche in the market out there. Some way to market a legitimate, honest product that I personally believe in.

The business proposition I would like to pursue is marketing my tea blend. Made with my own naturally grown, never seen a chemical herbicide or pesticide plants that I have been growing here for over a decade.
Being a down to earth, country living and loving individual I have always had nature at my beck and call. Not to mention I listened well to the old timers as I grew up. Elderly and passed on friends and relatives who passed on tips from their parents and grandparents over the years.
I have always experimented and brewed teas of various herbs and plants over the years, sipping a cuppa now and then when the fancy took me. Mostly mints, and lemon balm, sometimes a little St. Johns Wort, and over the past few years my Stevia plants, honeysuckle and rose hips, oh there are so many good things good for you.
I only grow naturally, always have.
Now I just need to find a way to advertise, to market my high quality product, and sell it.

And for the record Of course I am not claiming that my tea will guarantee anyone a better survival rate if they are in a battle with cancer as I was. That would not be right because I do not know if it is true, I only know I was at stage IVb, and as I progressed through treatments, chemo and radiation, there was not much that I wanted, and it was difficult to stay hydrated, and I did drink a lot more cups of tea. And I continue to have at least one cup every day.
Some may even say if you are such a big tea drinker, then how did you get cancer to begin with?

To that question I would say I am mostly to blame for developing throat cancer due to decades spent as a painting contractor in the construction and remodeling business, as well as being a heavy smoker since I was a teenager. Add to these two factors the genetically modified foods of all kinds that we consume daily, combined with poor water and air quality and I say it is a wonder we are not all walking around with cancer.
Maybe teas are the answer to reducing or removing bad toxins from our bodies.

I have time over the summer to work out all the details, as the gathering and drying process will of course in large quantity be quite lengthy. The Honeysuckle blooms will be gathered, dried and stored throughout the early summer, I will start this week. The honeysuckle will be mixed with dandelion blooms, both blooms having cleansing qualities. I have the cutting and drying of the mints, Stevia and lemon balm. Then of course the Rose Hips which I will mainly gather in late September. In June the persimmon leaves are to be harvested. This Better Body Blend Tea is intended as a detox and immune booster, and since the leaves are minimally handled, only picked and dried, I considered it a white herbal tea.
Even though I do enjoy fresh loose leaf teas year round, to package and sell, each individual plant must be properly dried, so realistically I am looking at most likely end of summer before I will have a packaged product ready for release.

Looking forward to the project, and as always I would welcome any input, or even advance orders for Deb's 2010's blend.

Watch for the release of Deb's Better Body Blend; Mint, lemon balm, stevia, honeysuckle & Dandelions mix, white clover, miniature roses and persimmon leaf.

Also working on ratios for It's Supposed To Be Bedtime; chamomile, St. Johns Wort, Stevia, persimmon, and lemon balm.

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