Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ode To the Wonder and Beauty of Nature; Inspired by A Walking Stick Bug

Yes anyone that knows me will tell you I am a weirdo that can find pleasure, enjoyment or wonder in any number of the simplest to the most complex occurrences and  inhabitants found in nature. Every day there is something beautiful, interesting, uplifting or amazing, awe inspiring, and occasionally even fear evoking, in one way or another to be found, discovered or observed within nature. Today my interest was captured by one of the biggest grand daddy of them all walking stick bugs I have ever seen. But oh there are so many other wonders of nature intrigue and attract me....

A rainbow back lit by the strengthening rays of a golden sun shining through the scattered remains of the tumultuous roiling cloud bank that the freshening breeze is gathering together and rushing along to the next thirsty and waiting patch of earth.
I have always loved rainbows. When I pulled into my driveway in 2005 upon returning from my trip to Biloxi Mississippi after Katrina, a large Rainbow was arched over our home. The Katrina trip and the rainbow are a true story for another time and telling, here, words can not convey the depth of emotion I experienced as I stood beside my once blue, now almost black, bug encrusted old Ford pick up... and wept.  It was the most peaceful, cleansing crying session :)

Inhaling the heady aroma of a flower at the height of its full and glorious bloom. Walter Hagen is known for saying "Don 't hurry. Don't worry. You're only here for a short visit. So don't forget to stop and smell the roses."  I would like to think that his implication was intended more towards flowers in general, Because I love to stop and smell the flowers:) Taking the time to stop along the way and the smell the flowers can set a memory in your mind, associate a connection between the scent of a certain flower at a special time of the year. Like roses in chilly February for Valentines Day, symbolic of love, or lilies and crocuses representing rebirth and new life after winters passing. Flowers are associated with any number of events and seasons. From joyous gala weddings to somber dark funerals.  I have certain rosebushes here, for example the purple one my daughter Meg picked out at WalMart years ago, that I just can't walk past sometime. They call me "Hey stop and smell me, I smell real good right now." Lol and they are always right, they always do.
Whether it's a couple seconds, thirty seconds... doesn't matter, it is a few seconds of bliss. Release from every worry. Aroma therapy at it's finest. My all time favorite are lilacs. I love Lilacs in springtime. As a child on the farm we had such an impressive grove of Lilacs. We had a fort in among them. I can't recall the name right now, we called it something. Mom loved those purple and white lilacs. The house for those brief few weeks of the year, instead of smelling like baking bread and apple pies with a hint of lysol would be permeated with the sweetness of huge bunches of lilacs that we happily gathered and loved presenting to her. When we were younger I remember we also chose out whooping sticks from the lilac grove. And you better not come back with one that was not slim and Hey, it was the 60's and it was a rare event , and reserved for only the most serious of offenses that I and my 4 brothers were able to get in to.  I must say when we got punished, lol trust me we did something to deserve it:) .

Gazing at the ever changing sky over head. Whether it be watching the sun on its ascension, the first softly glowing rays emanating upward in cool subdued hues signaling another day in the cycle of life, or the brilliant reds and vibrant contrasts as the day ends  and twilight welcomes the Moon with its familiar phases.

Or savoring the fierce destructive power of a summer thunderstorm with its driving rains and whipping wind, the crack and snap of a lightening strike, accompanied by the ear splitting tempestuous rolling reports of thunder.

A welcome warm spring breeze after a long chilly winter, soft and  caressing like the touch of secret lover  and 
There is a connection and closeness to my Creator as I gaze upon the sky above me. The sky with its many faces is the one constant in all of our lives. 

Haha Okay, I have to leave off for a while but I will upload the walking stick pics lol . I'll get back on here later after I d some house cleaning to continue:)

He's a Biggun! Bigger than my hand:)

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