Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
PEG Tube... not so scary ;)

Friday, October 1, 2010

Hey Everybody PET Scan results are in

Hey everybody been catching friends and family up on the good news, and I gotta get on here too... No Cancer Evident in latest PET Scan hurray!!!! Still a bit more waiting to go as we give the thyroid meds some time, and retest TSH levels over next 2 months. Doc said if the TSH levels come down, while i'm on the meds we will not have to worry about pituitary involvement as much as he is right now. 4 out of 5 of the areas that were in question he feels are tissue damage, most of them not only did not light up with the tracer, but showed little circulation at all, either way.  Doc said this is good because that means they are definitely not cancer. The thyroid gland itself did show faint tracer activity, but he said it was expected.  That's because right now I have what he said for lack of a better term we will call a form of thyroiditis. Some areas, such as sites of infection can show activity, and he said the thyroiditis accounts for the levels of activity seen there.

I will also say that as far as the thyroid meds I started last week, I have only been on the levothyroxine (I want to go name brand with the synthroid but 30$ a month with ins!) and I ALSO HAVE GOTTEN MY VOICE BACK! For the first time since the end of May, hurray! After only 5 days on the medicine, AND while I am still dealing with neck pain and headaches THE DARN EARACHES HAVE STOPPED, their still ringing away like crazy lol, but earaches suck! and I have had them pretty much constantly since May. Such a blessing to have them gone:) And the bad charlie horse leg cramps have not happened in 5 whole days now another hurray. Apparently I experienced what was known as a thyroid storm, which brought on many of the health problems I have been experiencing since end of May. He must be right, because the medicine has really made such a bi difference in how I am feeling.

I am still going through phases of hyper and hypothyroidisms, but the doctor feels this will resolve in the future. I can do without a thyroid if need be, my husband has not had one for years. It is even a slight possibility that my thyroid may regenerate, depending on how badly the radiation treatments have damaged it.  It just gets better and better :)
Peace out ALL

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