Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I Am Not Defined by My Cancer

Many experts state that a blog is supposed to have a focus, a sharing of specific knowledge.
I am a cancer survivor, and like many others I know deep in my inner recesses, where I hide it away, that I will always have the shadow of cancer returning at any time looming over me. This is an aspect of my life that I would like to share experiences about. What did it feel like when I heard the news I had cancer? What was it like going through chemotherapy and radiation treatments? What was the hardest? What helped me through it that might help someone else? I am working on a book right now detailing these issues, it is called You Can is Part of Your Cancer Diagnosis. So yes cancer related issues will be a popular topic here.
All of my life I have had difficulties fitting into prepared boxes, so my blog should be true to me, and reflect this. While I would like to share tips and inspire other cancer patients, I would not want my life to be defined by this one aspect.
Every day is a new day, and one never knows what I may feel like relaying on any given day.
In the course of recovery I have ups an downs, good and bad days so my mood will no doubt play a role in the daily tone. Did I over due it in the garden today, and I regret it now? Am I frustrated because I have not had enough energy to go riding on my fireball quarter horse Jake yet? Am I satisfied because the plants are doing well going from the greenhouse to the outside garden? Did I stop and smell the roses (Currently the lilacs and wisteria are in bloom here, I LOVE lilacs)? I may write on any of these topics. I may reflect on something as simple, yet as beautiful as a spider web strung with jewels made of morning dew. I may be irritated, infuriated, saddened or elated by transpiring current events or trends. I may get good or bad news at any time during my follow up care appointments. I may even wax poetic occasionally. So you see the focus, if there must be one, is broad; the focus is life.
While I am limited physically in what I am able to do, and accomplish, and working from home as a research writer, I therefore am not getting out in the world much, except for doctors appointments, it would be nice to be able to interact with others.

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