Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Natural Herbal Teas

Que Pasa all! Still been busy, had to go pick up a load of hay yesterday. I realized as we worked to load I am pathetically weak and out of shape. Can't wait until I am superwoman again lol.
Looking forward to sticking with the gardens today.
Speaking of garden, I am considering trying to go whole hog into marketing my natural herbal tea. I have large beds of mint, lemon balm, and stevia, as well as massive rose bushes, all of which are contributors to making my tea.
As a cancer survivor I can't say my tea saved me, of course the doctors had a lot to do with that...
but I can't help but wonder if my tea, and some of the other herbal concoctions helped my body make it through, as well as still helping me in my recovery stage.
Why do some people make it through cancer and some do not? Why do some respond quickly to treatments and others slowly or not at all?
I think eating well and choosing healthy foods has a lot to do with it. As you go through chemo and radiation like I did there are point where you want nothing to eat or drink, but whether you want to or not, you must.
Teas are very easy on the constitution, and can be a source of important hydration and vitamins. For example A lot of people do not know that ounce for ounce rose hips pack more of a vitamin C punch than an orange.
My Better Body blend forms its base around mint, which is known to be beneficial for calming your stomach and aiding digestion, and lemon balm. The two combining to create a nice lemony mint flavor. Then I add Stevia, a sweet leaf plant, very heavily pushed in the media today, that I began growing about 4 years ago. The Stevia truly is sweet enough that there is no need to add sugar at all. SO the tea is also calorie free, as well as caffeine free. For me now, post radiation treatments, the biggest bonus of the Stevia is that, even though my taste buds are not working, I can taste the Stevia sweetness. Next I add honeysuckle, both the blooms for incomparable sweetness and aroma as well as equal parts of the Jin Yin Hua, the unopened blooms prized in ancient Chinese medicine for the ability to reduce toxins in the body. Next are white clover blooms, which like honeysuckle are believed to help the body rid itself of toxins. White clover is claimed by many researchers to contain anti cancer agents as well. That is why I call this one Better Body Blend, because it helps your body cleanse itself of impurities. In the age we live in, a time when everything is processed, preserved and genetically modified, this may prove to be a very important aspect of health maintenance.
Well getting late, must get outside, if anyone out there has any recommendations on how to market my tea as a loose leaf product let me know:)

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