Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Friday, July 16, 2010

How Do You Know if an Herbal Remedy Really Works?

Hey popping in here because I got an email that read " You really have some nerve preying on people with cancer to make money. You don't know if any of those herbal teas really had any health benefits". Now I do not know why the person did not just post it as a comment, that way I would at least know what post they read that gave them that opinion. I was actually pretty offended and it hurt my feelings. It was curt, there was no greeting, no hello, and quite frankly if the person knew me they would know that I am the last person that would be "preying" on anybody.

I was just writing the other day about the recommendation I got to start keeping my posts shorter and more focused on a clear topic in order to promote my Mother Nature To You herbal green teas website through the search engine muckity muck stuff. This post will be easy to keep focused. I wrote in response...

First of all as far as "preying" on "people with cancer", hello, I am one of those people. Although I think positive and call myself a cancer survivor, in reality my doctors have told me I will not be considered "cured" until 5 years post treatment without recurrence of cancer. This is due mainly to the nature of the disease, and ironically the chances of contracting cancer from the cancer treatments meant to save you from cancer. So I don't "prey" on,  I "Pray" for others in similar circumstance.

As far as "making Money" , I have openly admitted in previous posts here in my blog that the past year in cancer treatments has wiped us out. We have been through all of our savings, and even a 401k loan, I am not trying to get rich, I am just a hard working American trying to earn an honest living. I put a lot of care and time into taking care of our little hobby farm that my husband and I love very much, we built our barn with our own four hands:)

In my current physical state it is all I can do to keep up with everything around here. The obvious career path, considering my limitations, combined with my love of nature, my lifestyle, and my green thumb, was only a simple step through my already existing garden beds. So, while I do hope to earn somewhat of a living, I am selling a quality herbal product that I put a lot of care and work into creating, that I believe in.

To the last point made in the email, regarding how I don't even know any of the herbal remedy teas I offer really had any health benefits...
I never made any claim that my herbal tea Better Body Blend "cured" my cancer, I said I think it "helped" me through my treatments.
There are a lot of scientific studies, more and more everyday, that support some of the claims regarding herbal remedies and herbal teas. Claims that have been around thousands of years in some cases. If the herbal teas did not help, then why would the market now be flooded with all kinds of processed pill forms and extracts of the very same ingredients found in the natural plants? As far as "proof", well I can tell you one very major benefit from my herbal tea while I was going through cancer treatments specifically. They helped me poop. Yep, you read that right. Kept me regular as rain. Most cancer patients, due to pain management medications get terrible constipation. The docs always were asking me how my bowels were working, and I always said just fine. Even the docs said it was very unusual to stay so regular, and that maybe it was the persimmon in the tea. I don't know, but it was a definite benefit in my humble opinion.

 Anyway, just had to vent a little:) Its looking like rain for this afternoon and next few days. I am happy for the gardens and my plants, but it is playing hell with plans for baling hay this weekend. Us humans, we're never happy:) We want rain, don't want rain, we're cold and can't wait for summer, and then hot and can't wait for winter:)
Peace Out

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