Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Why I follow up with a call to my docs after tests are done

LOL hi John, How are you doing ? No I am not very patient actually, but I try to keep my blog positive:)
I called today and requested my radiation doc to personally look at my neck scans, since it is now Wednesday and I have not received a phone call yet from the ENT who was the last appointment last Friday, and he told me the neck scan report was not in yet. I thought it a little odd one report was in and one was not. Hopefully Dr. B will get back to me by the end of the day today though.

Prior to diagnosis my faith in doctors and the system was already broken down due to long standing, undiagnosed ongoing problems. The reason I do not trust Dr.'s when it comes to test results specifically goes back almost 2 years now. Way Before diagnosis I knew something was wrong, and I went through months of run around and tests and referrals from my primary, as well as numerous worthless prescriptions for non existant depression.  Repeated results of muscle enzymes being elevated, but doc kept saying everything else normal. Then last year, just before diagnosis I had reached what I refer to as the end of my cope rope, I wanted answers, and was not getting them. I was in pain, and worn out. Primary refused to prescribe anything for pain without a diagnosis, said she was going to "investigate"my prescription history because she said I "got mad at her for not writing me anything for pain". I said go ahead and look, and you will find -0- pain prescriptions in my history. Next time I saw her (September 2009), and I guess she did go over my history at least, she asked me " what did I ever do about the very elevated blood calcium levels?" Yeah, the high calcium levels found in late 2008, that no one ever told me about? Even though I did call to get the results of that 08' blood work and I was told nothing was off but the elevated muscle enzymes. How am I supposed to DO anything if I did not know? Turns out those elevated calcium levels were a very important clue, and quite frankly as I understand it now should have set off all the alarm bells and whistles. It was another month before I totally lost my voice for two weeks and was referred to an ENT, who found the tumor, which left to its own devices for over a year was at stage IV by that time. So, No, I do not count on docs to catch everything anymore, not even when it is an obvious dark bolded highlighted lab report clearly indicating an abnormal result.

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