Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Monday, July 19, 2010

My African Gray Has Quite the vocabulary

I don't think I've mentioned my bird in any previous posts, but today he cracked me up, so I'm gonna tell you about my bird.
My son gave him to me 3 years ago. He has a pair of african grays, and mine is one of the baby's. He had to be nursed back to health, and hand fed after mom and dad rejected him and basically beat him up and threw him out of the nest. Bird , yes That's his name Bird, I wasn't supposed to get attached you see. My son was working construction and couldn't be home to feed him every 3-4 hours and check on him, you know tuck him in so he wasn't laying there stuck on his back like a turtle. He was very weak when he arrived, and quite frankly I really doubted I would be able to save him. But he made it. When the subject of selling him came up I tried to act like I was okay with it. My son knew better though, he knew I was attached. So after I was "babysitting " him for a year, calling him Bird, on Mother's Day Dave said " well I guess I won't be selling that baby bird" . Best gift ever, sucker will outlive me.
SO anyway, yes he has developed an extensive vocabulary. Good morning, good night, I love you, my mommy loves me, hey get over here, he calls the cats and dogs, and even knows the horses names somehow, when the phone rings he says Hello, how are you, how ya doing, oh pretty good, all right. Haha.
Now he is putting longer sentences together.
He asked me today " Honey, Are you gonna make coffee?".
Hahaha he sounded just like Kevin :)
I love my animals, who can't use a good laugh now and then?
Been so  busy, but taking a moment to upload Bird's Video:)

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