Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Thursday, July 22, 2010

Truthful Testimony: Is there a God and How do You Know?

I was having a conversation yesterday with the love of my brothers life, you know my brother Ted who is in Afghanistan right now that I have posted about? She is having a hard time dealing with his deployment and worries constantly. In our conversation she said she " is so scared he won't be coming home". I reprimanded her and said " Don't be jinxing my Bro, of course he'll be home, just like last time".

I told her put up a yellow ribbon, I always do when a family member deploys, and every time I check the mail, or walk anywhere I can see that ribbon, I say a prayer for his safety and ask the Lord to give him strength. There are quite a few of those faded ribbons representing returned soldiers out there right now, along with that fresh bright yellow ribbon.

She said she was having a hard time believing that would help, because she had a hard time believing in the power of prayer. Lady M, stay strong, Ted is like the Bull in an antique shop, like the tanks he was trained to drive, very strong, and there is a God, and he does hear us. He WILL be home in time for Christmas. Just believe... With the faith of a child.
We all go through points in our lives where we are afraid, worried, in doubt about life in general, faced with problems bigger than us.

I was baptized as a baby, but for some reason, after my biological Mom was struck by lightening when I was 8 months old, the family stopped going to church. Things got worse after that, and at age 5 I was placed in foster care. That was when I was taken in by the Sweet family, and got four new brothers and the BEST Mom and Dad in the world.

But even before I was 5 I had already decided (knew) that there was a God, even though no one taught me. I think maybe it happened because of my biological brother Steve, who was 12 years older than me, and a registered MENSA member. He was always trying to decipher the Bible.

The family bible was big and full of beautiful pictures, and he was always making grids on the pictures, and looking for answers to what he felt were mathematical clues in the words. I just remember that as a child I loved that book, and I knew that God was real, and that belief stayed with me through my lifetime.

Sometimes though we seek reassurance, and sometimes, if the Lord knows we really need it, he sends us this reassurance,  in signs and symbolism. I don't know if this will help, but this is something I wrote back in the 80's, and it is a true story. Never doubt he hears us:)

A White Dove at My Window

One cold winters Morning
I dropped to my knees in prayer,
Snow and Ice were at the window,
I asked
Lord ?
Are You really there?

I asked for a sign, I begged and I pleaded
I made promises,
if you granted
what I thought that I needed.

His response is embedded
forever in my mind
A beautiful wintry moment,
Frozen forever in time.

A fluttering disturbance,
through the frosted glass caught my eye,
I was filled with peace and wonder
To stunned to question why.

In a cold northern state, at the wrong time of year,
When blue Jays and cardinals are all that are here. . .
It Was A Dove.

A beautiful White Dove,
Sent from Him for me to see,
Through the cold impersonal glass,
separating it from me.

Glowing white purity,
In A halo of sunlight,
It beat against my window pane
In a graceful Hovering flight.

How symbolic I think now,
As I look back and clearly see,
How frantic was the beat of wings
As it tried to reach out to me.

Like the frantic search
For world peace,
So close,
but somehow unattainable
just out of reach.

Peace Out all,
and Lady M>   Your love WILL COME HOME,

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