Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Monday, July 19, 2010

Spirituality and Religion: God by any other name, Like the Rose, is Still God

I guess my upbringing and my lifestyle is what made me such a down to earth, two feet on the ground, spiritual individual. I believe that there is a Higher Power who created everything. This includes all religious deities, spirits, and beliefs from Mohamed, Jesus, Buddhist iconic figures, Everything, and Everybody. I believe that the Bible is a living book, but that the Apocrypha, The Dead Sea Scrolls, The Koran, The Torah, cave etchings, hieroglyphics, and many other texts are also living words. We need to step out of the boxes that have been created. Think about it for a moment... If Your God is THE God, then it stands to reason if he created everything, then that has to mean Everything, or you don't believe all the way.

So what if different cultures have different ways of expressing this belief in A Higher Power.  We have placed too much emphasis on HOW we worship and not Why.

This Higher Power gave us humans everything we needed to survive and be healthy and happy. We humans are the ones who ruin this wonderful balance. Silly humans so greedy and needy, polluting and consuming and doubting.For all we know we have done this before; used up a planet and figured out how to "save" a select few by launching them off to a fresh planet. That is one of the first things we need to do. Let go of what we THINK we know.

Look at what an argument and faithbuster for some people the topic of evolution has been and continues to be. Why couldn't evolution occur? Earth was doing her thing for quite some time before us humans arrived. Whether it was from dust of the earth, molded clay, or outer space. We Do Not Know all of these details. We know some information, we are curious and that's okay, I'm curious too. 

I do not know this Higher Power's real name. Even the Bible mentions we will not know his true name. That's because his name is changeable, personal, and relevant to the people He communicates with. On different continents, across time and space He may be known as  ShangDi associated with Tian, Allah associated with the Prophet Mohamed, He May be known as God, and associated with his Son Jesus, he may be known as Lord Shiva associated with his son Ganesh, or maybe Gluskap the good creator associated with Malsum, or The Great Spirit associated with the Earth, moon, wind, and stars, and moon, maybe even like the ancient Sumerians and the Dogan tribes in Africa, Anunnaki came from outer space with Enki, Enlil, Ninki, Inanna, Utu, Ningishzida, Marduk, and many others.
God works for me, it is the Name I am familiar with because of the time period and place I live in, but I also accept, recognize, understand, know that he has many names to many people. But he is still God too. 

Over time and through translations, and thousands and thousands of years of manipulations by man, for various reasons, we have been taught that our belief in Our Creator has to follow a set of certain guidelines, and that we should behave a certain way, be closed minded, try to "reform" all the "others".  If you had a real life experience with an Angel, or a spirit or messenger from the Lord, or God himself... how would you describe the experience? Would the visitation come to you in the form of a blinding light? A booming voice? Signs and symbols from the animal world? We really do not know, so we should not judge how "God" is interpreted or what name He is called, or fight with each other to the point of shedding blood to prove "our" Version of God is "better". He is One.

What's more important were you baptized, did you complete Holy Communion, were you circumcised, do you go to church every Sunday, do you pray in the right direction at the right time of the day, do you read the "right" book, follow the right rules? Is it okay to believe Jesus was the Son of God, but that he may have been sent to try to help us see the light on more than one occasion, at different times and places?

Or is it more important that your heart dictates your belief and That you are a kind, compassionate individual who cares about his fellow man? You work hard, your honest, you do what's right and you're thankful for everyday, and appreciate that the sun comes up in the morning and sets at night, and then comes up the next day. That flowers smell pretty, and babies are precious. That rainbows are beautiful, and death is not the end?

I like to believe that within every religion there is a piece of truth to it, and if we could all just agree that hey, nobodies better than anyone else, we're all human, and learn how to get along and respect each other, these little pieces of truth would all fall into place like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.

It is not all an accident, everything is too perfect, too precise, too orderly, were it not for man's inventions, interventions, and "progress" it would still be perfect.

Well Peace Out all, I hope I have not offended anyone either by omission, or spelling, or my crazy personal beliefs:)

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