Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Ooops I did it again

I know I am always letting the days slip away from me without getting any updates here, bad me bad me:)
Anyone else watch Housewives of New Jersey? It became a dirty little pleasure while I was going through my cancer treatments, and the seemingly never ending process of recouperation, I was watching more Television then. I still like the New Jersey Housewives though, haven't been able to find the New York Housewives, and I do not care for the D.C., not a big tv watcher really, but I just happened to get hooked on the New Jersey Housewives women. Teresa is my freagin' favorite, lol did you see her shove the host out of the way like he was a fly, lol. Her and Danielle make the whole show. Wish I could tell them to try my teas, I bet they go to all kinds of fancy restaurants. I tell my husband when they're on that my "friends" are coming over lol.
What else have I been up to? Well bringing in a lot of stevia over the past week, and mint the week before that, and soon will be gathering a second nice cut off the lemon balm:) Always doing something around here. That's ok, I would rather stay busy anyway, less time for thought. Come on September 9th lol, can't wait till it gets here and gone.
Well, I am bouncing quickly, trying to update in a few places in a few minutes, but I promise not to stay away so long next time:)

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