Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Saturday, September 11, 2010

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It is pretty late, the tail end of a sad and somber day, actually just a little after midnight of 9/11, beginning 9/12.
As quick as I can will update on how those scans went that I was supposed to do last week. You may remember I was supposed to have a full body PET and neck and chest CT on the 9th. Well that day was an absolute scheduling and insurance company fiasco. So after waiting since June with recommendations and request for a new PET from 3 different doctors because last CT was inconclusive they said could not determine if the 5 spots they noted were recurrent disease or radiation damage w/o PET. Mind you this was all the way back to April and now here we are September, and still have not accomplished getting the PET accomplished because when I got there for the appts the only one that went smoothly was the lab work/bloodtest. There was supposed to be a CT neck and chest and a full body PET, somehow they had these scheduled as all separate. Ct neck at 10, PET at 11 over in another building, then back to first building for neck and chest. Which was crazy, the PET/CT can be done at the same time same machine, you guys know what I mean. When we arrived I tried to tell them that hey, why aren't these all together, why 2 different places to go, why run contrast 3 times? Oh well we're ready for you now, lets get you in for the neck scan, and while that's being done they were going to call over the other building, set up the chest ct to be done with the PET. Well while I got the Neck CT done, they made their calls, and the insurance company, most likely because of this crazy 3 procedures in 1 day that could have been combined into one, denied my PET scan, and the chest CT. Very disappointing. Having been on edge waiting for the answer cancer or damage, this just stunk. Now I am supposed to go up again next week see my chemo and rad docs, and their going to try to figure out why the PET was denied, and get it scheduled next week. Now here's the dumb part, I already got a call and the chest CT is scheduled for the 16th, same day I see the docs, now if the docs are trying to push for a PET, here we go again insurance company is going to be looking at basically another double request so to speak. I just hope we can resolve this next week and just get the PET done. One Dr. was telling us we should just sign a waiver and get the PET done, like no problem $6,000 dollars, yes lets do that today. Sigh. Well, gee I guess I vented here pretty good lol. 

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