Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Saturday, June 12, 2010

Another Busy Busy Hot Hot Day

So, my throat is still killing me from the scope that was done day after Memorial Day. Went to Atlanta yesterday because doc said come in and he would take a look. He didn't want to use scope, due to irritation, said he thinks there may be something viral going on, and that he does not see any indication cancer has returned. He wants me to give it a few more days to see if it runs its course and starts feeling better, so I am putting up with the pain, and trying to drink lots of water to keep throat wet. Also got the saline drops he told me to get, to try to get some moisture up higher near the back of my nose. LOL he told me I could try snorting water, then he said he was just teasing and told me about the nasal spray.  That's where it is hurting the most, up high behind my nose, it hurts just breathing air across, but I have to breathe in whether I like it or not:) No matter how much I drink, teas or water, it just hasn't been getting up that high, so doc said that could be that why it has begun hurting so bad, just too dry, too long, and I have been outside too much. It has been so hot here in Georgia. He also recommended going back to wearing a face mask when I know I am going to be out for extended periods.

We had a couple of horsey people come out this morning, friends of Kev's from work. They are in the horse trading business and came to check out our  pony Sammy, to see if he would be suitable for a young boy. Sammy was such a good boy going through his paces today:) I told them I may consider selling, but I need to meet the family, and see what kind of place they have.

I have just about finished with Persimmon leaf picking for this season, I think yesterdays pluckings should just about do it. I have also set in a good amount of the St. Johns, which is blooming like crazy currently. The chamomiles have proven to be awesome producers, each day there is a fresh group of sunny yellow faces to greet me. The new stevia bed has taken off great as well. It has been so hot I was worried about them, but I have been keeping them well watered and they have now gotten almost as tall as the rest of the plants that have been there for years. The mints and lemon balm are just beginning to form buds, so I will be gathering those in earnest soon as well.

Okay I came in to enjoy the AC and cool off a bit, I'm gonna have a root beer float and chill a bit:)


  1. I saw your post on the Head/Neck Cancer site and thought I would visit. I started a blog when I was caretaking my husband and it helped tremendously.

    I'm so happy to hear you enjoyed the apples.... A step in the right direction.\\


  2. Yes sometimes we just need a place to vent, and think things through with words:)


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