Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
PEG Tube... not so scary ;)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Sore Throat Finally Making me Go To Doctors

Okay well I have been trying really hard to ignore the pain that began in my throat last Tuesday after a follow up scope by the ENT/ONC specialist. I have to admit it, because it has  reached a point where even air coming across it hurts severely. Since I do have to breathe whether I like it or not needless to say, air is constantly aggravating the pain. This is especially so when I am outside. I think that's why I finally had to admit that I needed to see the doc, because I was outside yesterday for quite a few hours straight, and I am paying for it today.

I guess if I want to admit it I can here, yes I am a little worried. This pain is up higher than the original cancer site, and I have read that cancers developing from the radiation treatments are sometimes as high as 40%... That where Inspire .com omes in. When I need a lift I like to go there. There are quite a few people that are 5 + years cancer free after head and neck cancer treatments.
I was having no pain at all in my throat for quite some time now. As I have posted lately my biggest issues have been overcoming some tissue and muscle damage in my neck from the radiation, which does hurt sometimes (especially after therapy) and ringing in my ears, which docs say is from chemo, and may or may not go away, as well as issues with eating because of a lack of saliva and working taste buds... and those were enough problems to worry about, But there has been no pain in my  throat since like March.

I was hoping it was just from the doc scoping my throat. You know they go in through your nose with the flexible camera, and look down. I have had so many scopes through out treatment and after, and never had a problem with pain afterwards, not even a little pain, never mind this kind of pain. The scope was done the Tuesday after Memorial Day, so it has been a week and 2 days now, without improvement. I am still hopefull though he will find out he scraped something on the way down that will explain the pain.

At least sipping my tea soothes it for a little while. Not sure if my teas are going to protect me from growth of any post radiation treatment crazy cells, guess I will be finding out:)

At least I have finally made the appointment, so maybe I can get some answers tomorrow. I don't know why I hate going back to see the docs and nurses I got to know so well during treatment, but I do. Just the drive up, and the smells and being there brings everything back too fresh I guess. I don't want to go to docs and hospitals, I don't want to be sick. That was why I insisted on pulling the PEG tube, it made me feel like a patient, a sick person. I think I need to just realize like it or not, I am probably going to be in close contact with doctors and hospitals for the rest of my life.

Hey, whatever, life goes on, and so will I.
Hehe I have already been considering canceling the appointment. I am bad, why do I hate going to the doctors so bad? Trying to convince myself it feels a little better right now.
Lol I bet when I get to docs tomorrow morning it will feel all better, and I will be mad at myself for making the appointment and wasting a day.

I have to leave for physical therapy in a bit, so I probably will not post further until after tomorrows appointment si I have a better idea what's up.
Peace Out

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