Follow me to learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis

Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Deb's Loose Leaf Herbals Now Has Single serve prefilled teabags of Better Body Blend and Pure Persimmon Leaf Tea

Yes I forgot to mention the other big news besides seeing my brother. Friday also saw the addition of two new loose leaf herbal tea products at Deb's Made In The USA Loose Leaf Herbal Teas . I have received so many emails from people interested in my loose leaf herbal green tea blends that say they are big herbal tea drinkers, but really like the convenience of ready to go teabags, with the same high quality ingredients inside as you see when you buy bulk loose. Often prefilled tea filters are dust and powder and leftovers, like ground stems etc... Not Deb's teabags though. Break one of these babies open and it is as pretty and green, and only crumbled just enough to get it into the filter.

I am now offering 30 packs of pure persimmon leaf teabags for a very reasonable price. I personally need to gain weight, as we all know from my blog, so I stick with the Better Body Blend, which has only a percentage of the blend as persimmon. Persimmon leaf has many many good aspects to it. For example lots of antioxidents, flavenoids and vitamin C. Another reason I persimmon leaf in my loose leaf herbal tea blend, that I started drinking during my cancer treatments, and it is believed to be one of the reasons it helps weight loss efforts, is that it promotes more and more regular bowel movements with a very mild laxative effect. This is important because people dealing with the pain of cancer often take narcotic pain relievers, which are constipating. So yes Persimmon leaf is an important loose leaf herbal tea ingredients in my humble opinion.  As far as pure persimmon leaf tea to support a weight loss regimen, and speed results without the jittery burn outs of diet pills many people do claim the studies are correct, that persimmon leaf tea can aid weight loss efforts.

The Better Body Blend comes in packs of 24, and they are loaded with the freshest of ingredients that are good for you. Mint and lemon balm to aid digestion and create a fresh citrus base that combines with the robust persimmon leaves which are tempered by the natural no calorie sweetness of stevia, crowned with a dash of honeysuckle and rose petals.

Stop on by, we are just a regular American couple, working hard to launch our site that is promoting a product we personally believe in to hold on to our now empty nest. It is so special when the children flock back home with the next generations, my precious grandchildren in tow, to ride the horses at gramma and grampa's, feed the chickens, go swimming, pick stuff from the garden...

Cancer has worn me down, but I am getting back up, and I really really would like to keep our little place. Kev and I have worked so hard here for over a decade, cleared the land, built the barn with our own two hands, set in the raised garden beds, built the chicken coop, planted the apples and peach trees and herb beds, and have our memories of the kids, and now grandkids. We are supposed to be the stable ones that everyone can come home to darn it. It is in God's hands, because I am trying as hard as I can.

Have a good day readers, and hope to see you over at Deb's Loose Leaf Herbal Tea.

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