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Follow me to  learn more about life before, during and Beyond a cancer diagnosis
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What Happened to the American Dream

I wrote this back in 2002, and every so often I tweak a few lines and toss it back out for viewing. So many worries in the world, such a shame we can't agree to get together and solve a few.

I ask you now for the words I need
To plant a seed of hope
So we may all 

have the strength 
to hold on tight
to the end 

of the dangling 

I've asked for wisdom, and wondered who's to blame,
The answer brought misery, sorrow and shame.
Twist me and turn me, instead of an elf
when I looked in the mirror I saw myself.

We don't know how it started, or who began it when it did,
We never saw it coming,
because those with the power and money
kept it very well hid.

Today the poor keep getting poorer
While select corporations amass wealth,
the world's become their guinea pigs
they have no regard for life or health.

Did we really need to reach the stars?
Was it that important? Why?
God would have provided wings for us
If he meant for man to fly.

Scientists claimed they would save the planet,
All would starve without their aid...
Now forty years later
world wide
we're dealing with the messes they've made.

The earth beneath our very feet
struggles for her next breath
we've allowed science, knowledge and greed
to push to the edge of death.

Rockets carry man, dare he knock on heaven's door?
Remember the ending Icarus suffered in that fabled lore?

We've come so far beyond wings of wax, 

can we right the wrongs?
Is it too late to turn back?

Scientific research
Top Secret for decades past
Hush Hush don't Tell,
It's fruition approaches
Far too fast.

Moving faster than a speeding bullet
and far stronger than a locomotive,
will there be no safe healthy places 
Left for us to go live?

Of course if you are counted
among the super elite
There are well stocked secret bunker towns
Hundreds of feet deep.

But what about the rest of us that will be left here up above
While famine, disasters and rioters
destroy the land we love?

Home of the brave, land of the free
This land belongs to you and me.

What can the average American do
in preparation for such a future?
Is the outlook total chaos, desperation and starving looters?

No I say, no I pray, The Lord did not intend this to be so,
and it could all be avoided, 

or at the very least postponed...

If only the people
knew the dangers that are out there,
read on and learn
there's a few of them right here.

Many of the foods
that we eat everyday
contain altered or corrupted,
foreign DNA.

But if you really want to know
what's up with America's food today
Don't ask the government office
known as the FDA
There's is no difference 

to be scientifically found
is what they claim and say.

GM, GE, Check it out and you will see
there's not much left alter free
from sea to shining sea.

BSE, BVL there are so many more
they know but don't tell.
Eat lean cuts and cook them well,
start a garden
you never can tell.

Find good seeds now
while there is still a slim chance
to save one of God's Blessings

reproducing Plants.

Do you need that dose of pesticide
everytime you eat a fruit?
Or that herbicide 

that's built inside 
that limp and rubbery cuke?

Are the altered products
fed to foodchain livestock 

really no harm to you?
The cows are so sick from human growth hormones
who knows what they're doing to you.

Hormones, antibiotics, altered DNA
Do any of us really know what went in to our bodies today?

When it all comes to a head
be prepared to hunker down
because affordable food and water
may not always be around.

Forced diversity has been cultivated
we are always made to choose a side
but who is it that's been choreographing
this roller coaster ride?

They learned that our passions, 

our faith and beliefs
could be forced to erupt
whenever they pleased.

While civil rights strife
was tearing at our nation
our government was funding
secret agricultural stations.

Abortions were around                                                                                                                

well before Roe V. Wade
But our soldiers and news from Nam
had our attention 

we got played.

Abortion became big business,
a form of birth control today.
It was a move well planned by science
to harvest human DNA.

We must overcome the hurdles
to working 

We need to get organized  
beyond our well written letters,
demand peace and justice
start making things better.

The barriers that have been planted 
and carefully cultivated for years,
the ones that keep us from uniting,
are what we really need to fear.

The races, 

and classes,
different lifestyles 

and religions,
have all failed to realize
there's only one world
to live in.

While we argue amongst ourselves,
continue to hate and debate
big corporation  controls 
our food supplies, 

job markets and 
bank rates.

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